19 May 2014

Open House at Zericrafts

"Ode To The Desert"

Zericrafts and Sylvette Blaimont, artisan and jewelry designer, imagined a collaboration that drew inspiration from Gulf heritage, the environment and beauty around us.  They imagined the desert and its silence, the poetry of the Bedouin, and the geometric patterns of the sadu weaver. 
They have visited old houses with intricate latticework and the beautiful shadows they create.  they married this flow of ideas into a line of simple jewelry.   Each idea was translated with skill and care, each piece was carefully molded by Sylvette’s able hands.  The result is a harmonious collection of unique pieces, silver and gold, as versatile as a desert tent and as delicate as the grains of desert sand.  
Instagram: sylvette_blaimont
Facebook: Sylvette Blaimont Jewelry

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