31 March 2011

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Miu Miu Makes Charming Miniature Versions Of Their Most-Loved Bags

All we could think about when we first saw Miu Miu's shrunken copy of their iconic handbags is the scene from Zoolander where Derek Zoolander pulls out a teeny tiny cell phone that he holds with two fingers. Luckily, you don't have to worry about where you're going to stash your iPhone, lipgloss, camera, and wallet; These miniature Miu Miu handbags charms are just an adornment for the maxi version. For these adorable little charms, which come in a variety of colors with buckles, pockets, and clasps to match the classic handbag, there isn't more to life than being really, really, ridiculously, cute.

Miu Miu Minibag Charm, $115-$380, available at Miu Miu stores worldwide. 


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29 March 2011

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Saudi prince weds in Oxford register office

A member of the Saudi Royal family marrying an English rose, the niece of the Duke of Northumberland.
Together their families are worth multi-millions, but bizarrely, as reported yesterday, they tied the knot at Oxford Register Office, in Tidmarsh Lane, at a cost of £167.
Prince Bandar Bin Khalid Bin Faisal al-Saud, a member of the super-rich Saudi Royal Family, wed Lucy Cuthbert at a ceremony attended by a handful of guests.

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Chicken Made of Eggshells

British artist Kyle Bean has managed to create an impressive sculpture of a chicken.

Chocolate With Attitude

 ‘Chocolates with Attitude
by Danish company Bessermachen DesignStudio
These chocolates were designed in cooperation with chocolate artist Henrik Konnerup, 12,000 pieces handmade of chocolate have been produced – 1,000 large boxes. Every piece of chocolate weighs 50 grams and can be divided into four squares, each mould with the Brandhouse symbol in the middle.