27 November 2011

Monica Bellucci by Francesco Escalar for Tatler Russia December 2011


Field Notes Sleeve

we used to have this when we were childrens

i just love it :)

My Passion Diaries New Blog

A New Kuwaiti New blog has just launched

My Passion Diaries 

A good daily read for Fashion - Food - Fun - Hair - Makeup .. etc

it's so entertaining .. :)

26 November 2011

Spring 2012 Accessories Report


I went from obese to anorexic: Woman's battle against eating disorder which could have killed her

This is the girl who has made a remarkable recovery after going from obese to anorexic.
Going from fat to thin nearly killed Alice Vinall - after she lost a staggering 11 stone in a bid to shed her bulk.
She embarked on a strict diet after doctors told her she may suffer serious future health problems because of her massive weight.
So she existed on one small meal a day but her obsessive diet went too far and she became gripped by the eating disorder anorexia.

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وفاة الفنان عامر منيب

الـبـقـاء لله : أنـتـقـل الى رحمه الله الفنان عامر منيب ... اللهم ارحمه و اغفر له وثبته عند السؤال وادخله فسيح جناتك

 شيعت جنازة النجم عامر منيب، اليوم السبت، من مسجد رابعة العدوية عقب صلاة العصر، وسط حضور كثيف من الوسط الموسيقى للمشاركة فى جنازة النجم الراحل.

تم دفنه بمقابر الأسرة وهى أميرة عبد السلام الشهيرة بـ"مارى منيب" بالوفاء والأمل مدينة نصر، وكان فى مقدمة الحضور الفنان محمد فؤاد، وهشام عباس، ومصطفى قمر، ورامى صبرى، وحمادة هلال، ونادر نور، ومحمد رفاعى، ورامى جمال، وعمرو مصطفى، وتامر حسين، ومحمد كيلانى، وأيمن بهجت قمر، وأمير طعيمة، وإيهاب عبده، وخالد تاج الدين، وتامر على، وهانى محروس، وشقيقه أمير محروس، وعزيز الشافعى، وأحمد عبد العزيز، وأحمد سعيد عبد الغنى.

الله يرحمه ويغمد روحه الجنة
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Source: link

Shocking moment robber takes shop assistant hostage with a knife to her throat... before brave boss fights him off with a BROOM

How Scotch Tape Can Help You Perfect Your Eyeliner Application By Zoila Sylvester

Balenciaga Resort 2012 – First Look

Comment: the sudden fall of the models wasn't necessary at all :/