29 April 2012

Malaki Paul - Britains got talent 2012 (auditions)

9 year-old Malaki Paul breaks down and cries during his audition. Still he pulls himself together to impress everyone with his emotional performance cover of Beyonce's Listen.

Bisht Collection By Haya AlOsaimi

Traditional meets modern at the (2nd Bisht Collection) Don't miss out on the limited edition pieces designed by Kuwaiti fashion designer Haya Alosaimi in Gioielli design at Al Tilal Complex from sat. 28/4 to thur. 3/5 (from 10-1pm) & (5-9pm) room#10

7ayakm allah

حياكم الله في معرض البشوت و الدراعات الرمضانيه في الفتره من السبت الى الخميس (28/4 --3/5) من الساعه صباحا من (10-1) و مساء من (5-9) في جويالي ديزاين مجمع التلال غرفه # 10 حياكم الله 

(هيا العصيمي)

Glamour Spain


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