16 April 2011

The Safe House.

Once you've made the leap from renter to home-owner, it's quite likely that you might feel that you've made a terrible mistake. Those four walls can become dull, uninspiring and claustrophobic, let alone expensive.

The transforming house, also known as the Safe House, is a dream come true for fickle folk and those paranoid about security

It's all electronic so transforms with the touch of a button. If this were the setting for a horror movie, it would lead to some sort of horrible death yet in real life, we imagine it would probably just result in us showing off and ultimately wearing out the mechanism within a week tops.


ZwaiZ188 said...
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ZwaiZ188 said...

i can never get out of this house
i used to have a similar design for my future house "inshallah" bas now thats something im looking for ;)