23 November 2010

Shoppers Spent As Much on H&M Lanvin As They Might Have on Real Lanvin

On Saturday, Lanvin's H&M collection went on sale in 24 stores across the country. More than 300 shoppers had lined up at the H&M on Fifth Avenue in New York when Alber Elbaz pulled up in his town car to make sure there was a line. "I can’t believe it. I was sure there would be no one. I was a bit panicked," he said.

its OVER banat ..  The entire collection was gone in a matter of minutes


Yona said...

You should check out the picture of the Kuwaiti line at H&M Avenues this morning from 8:00am ! by 8:15 everything was gone !

Zabo0o6a said...

Yup as Yona said by 8:15 everything was gone !
I didn't get the t-shirt that I wanted :(