20 November 2010

Gift Suggestions

My Niece's Birthday in on 1st December 2010

she is gonna turn 13 Inshallah

I need your suggestions on what to buy a 13 year old teenager !


Appreciate your Comments



Zabo0o6a said...

Buying gifts is always a delimma for me, and 13 yrs old kids now have almost everything :/
how about sum vouchers from lime light? or sum nail spa pampering session?

L.B.T said...

that's interesting .. never thought of giving vouchers before .. but its very good idea .. thank you so much :*

Anonymous said...

Hi :)
Hmm 13 :s
Well, u would be the best to tell based on her personality.
What I would suggest is a camera, an iPod, blackberry, or maybe something related to her hobby.
Hope this helps :)

L.B.T said...

hello .. thank you for your suggestion.. but .. she already have all :P

www.panacheous.com said...

well ccskye usually rocks for them at that age!!or tracks like gypsy 05 or koolaburra boots!! at www.panacheous.com... :p

or take her to dubai for a day :) that would be cool!

L.B.T said...

Dear Panacheous,

Boots mmm... great idea, will do inshallah specially that winter season starts.

Many Thanks